A traveler, explorer and a curious soul, the Puppet Diaries is a reflection of the artists’ innate desire to set aside an ongoing artistic practice, and bring some comic relief with this parallel project.

Puppet Diaries is the alter ego of an artist attempting to explore a process that is more visceral than intellectual.

The intention of Puppet Diaries is to capture the daily life of a miniature figure, the ‘puppet’, to unfold light hearted story-telling and photographic documentation. It is directed to the viewer, sharing experiences through the eyes of an unorthodox, bold and quirky, ‘puppet’ in venues such as the Kumbh Mela, Mykonos, Sydney, Yinchuan, Deoghar and many more endless adventures.

Puppet Diaries encourages its viewers to become a part of the puppet’s journeys and indulge in a giggle on the character’s lack of regard for the consequences of being so invasive, reckless and even embarrassing.

A project of this nature is a refreshing change for documentation and travel photography.

Follow puppetdiaries for the travel adventures of a puppeteer!

For collaborations and more information contact info@puppetdiaries.com

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